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" My mission is to help people move forward with their lives."

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I’m so glad that we’ve connected. I’ve set the intention that the right people find me, at the right time, and here you are.

My name is Sharon Meenagh. I am a qualified nurse, Reiki and Seichim Master and teacher, spiritual healer, crystal therapy practitioner and Psychic Medium. My mission is to help people move forward in their lives with the tools, knowledge and clarity they need, to make them feel empowered and confident.

I have always been passionate about helping others and loved my role as a nurse and nurse manager until unfortunately over 4 years ago – due to ill health caused by fibromyalgia and chronic back pain, I had to leave my much loved nursing career.

I am of the opinion that everything in life happens for a reason and I believe Spirit/ Angels/ Guides were pushing me onto my new path as a healer and spiritual mentor.  I started reading angel and oracle cards many years ago for friends and family and often realised I was feeling their physical pain, anxiety or depression and their guidance seemed to flow in my words.

My clients frequently tell me that after a reading from me, they feel much calmer and uplifted – not just from gaining clarity, but also they have received some form of healing too. ( Spirit have told me that I channel healing in my words – that’s why I never remember a reading afterward).

I became a reiki practitioner over 6 years ago and have found it life-changing.  Not only does reiki help balance your energies- I have found that my intuition continues to develop, my physical health has improved and the anxiety, depression, and lack of self-esteem I struggled with at times throughout my life is much more manageable.



Reiki & Spiritual Healing

A remote reiki/ seichim/ spiritual healing session is by video call and takes approximately 1 hour including consultation before and after the healing, to discuss the process, experience and aftercare. Reiki is used to aid relaxation, assist in the body’s natural healing and promote better physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Duration 1 Hour

Price £40


Reiki Training

As a reiki master teacher I teach all levels of reiki and carry out attunements remotely by video call. Training can be carried out in one day or broken down into segments of time to suit around your work and family. Training files, meditation and certificates will be emailed to each student. 

Please message me if you would like more details.​

spiritual guidance

Spiritual Guidance and Support Package.

A unique opportunity to receive personal guidance, support and energy healing for those who feel a bit stuck or lost in life. I use a combination of skills and tools including cards, channelled guidance, energetic healing and balancing to answer your questions, give you clarity and support you with all aspects of your life. A private session is carried out by video call ( Facetime, Whattsap or messenger). Payment is by PayPal at time of booking.

Duration 2 Hours

Price £97


One to one Reading & Spiritual Guidance.

I offer a private reading by video call ( Facetime, Whattsap or messenger). Using oracle cards, my intuition and channelled spiritual guidance to help motivate, support, guide and inspire you moving forward in your life. Payment is by PayPal at time of booking.

Duration 30 Minutes @ £30

Duration 1 hour @£50


Combined Reading & Healing

Your session by video call will commence with a reading using oracle cards, my intuition and channelled spiritual guidance to help guide you, support you and give you clarity moving forward in your life. We will then discuss what is troubling you physically, mentally or emotionally and how the healing may help. After healing has been sent, I will video call you back to discuss the healing, both our experiences and aftercare. Payment is by PayPal at time of booking.

Duration 1 Hours 30 Minutes

Price £60

Although I believe in the work I do and get consistently good feedback, I have to state that this is for entertainment purposes only.
Readings are for those aged 18 and over.


I have had a few healing sessions with Sharon, initially face to face, I will never forget my first experience , I walked out of this first session a completely memorized , more relaxed , calm person than before, for the first time in my life I felt I was going to be ok, all my previous traumas seemed to be lifted, all the hurt, resentment etc gone, just the most surreal sense of calm , so powerful I felt almost high! Recently I got the urge to contact Sharon again to ask for some healing on a more physical level , as I have been experiencing alot of spinal pain , over the last few months, daily, feeling exhausted from the constant pain. I was reluctant at first to try the distance healing, due to the present situation and face to face restrictions , but I decided to give it a go and was overwhelmed with the results! I felt Sharon's channelling healing energy so strongly, I felt a slow pressure sensation from my head , right down my spine , and saw lots of purple and white colours, I felt like I was sinking/falling , it was so powerful. When I opened my eyes and slowly stood up, I had almost no pain, just a little, the first relief in months! The next day I had a bad headache, I knew this was me detoxifying, I drank extra water, slept alot , and it was gone the next day, the next few days my pain drastically dropped a little more each day . I couldn't recommend Sharon enough, she is so passionate and goes above and beyond to help others, it's not just a job to her , people with this much passion and ability are unique and somewhat of a rarity.

Sharon & Robbie Williams

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Please contact me by phone, text or email to schedule an appointment. Appointments all prepaid by PayPal.

I conduct all my sessions remotely via video call. They can be conducted on a range of platforms including Facebook messenger, Whattsap video or FaceTime.

Tel 07803587515 ( UK )